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//Holistic Approach to Immune Arthritis

Holistic Approach to Immune Arthritis

A reader of Animal Wellness wrote asking for herbs for immune mediated poly arthritis. You can read my answer on their blog and I will summarize here.

Immune mediated poly arthritis

Conventional treatment is to shut down the immune system for awhile with steroids until the joint appears normal again (repeated joint taps). When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I could only offer steroids (or antibiotics if there seemed to be an infectious cause). The holistic philosophy which you can read about on this site has taught me that there is an underlying vibrational imbalance that causes most problems and the healing goal is to resolve that imbalance with treatments selected for that individual animal in addition to using supplements and treatments for temporary help. Now that the multitude of holistic modalities is available, I can tell people to never give up. Try one after the other, and record the changes with each in the journal.
For any immune problem, a dog can be helped with a two pronged approach

  1. Try some self healing treatments for symptomatic relief and at the same time
  2. Begin to work with an integrative veterinarian for the very best chance of healing the over-reactive immune system so the dog can live a long healthy life. This is critically important in immune problems. You may need to try veterinarians with different modalities over time. Use my site to find links to holistic organizations and read an article on working with holistic vets.

If you were trained in different healing modalities you could help now and as the deeper healing is happening by using Reiki, quantum touch, theta therapy, Reconnective therapy, massage T-Touch, HTA, flower essences, supplements, homeopathy and more. All of these are 100% safe so learn as many as you can (and those in your area). Since each animal is unique what works with one may not work with all. This is the joy of holistic approaches – we have dozens of things to try, while conventional has merely a few. Start now to learn every hands on healing available to you. One will be you go – to treatment – different for different people.

I will be teaching a 6 day class on homeopathy for animals in the DC Baltimore area mid August , and the internet can direct you to classes for the other modalities.

Even before you are trained in Reiki, you can ask for this energy healing that cannot hurt and may help and it can be done from afar.

Flower essences are totally safe and can be used as long and as frequently as they seem to help. Rescue remedy from the health food store is available almost everywhere. Buy the people one, not the pet one. Put one drop in a separate water bowl. Put 10 drops in a cup of water and compress the sore joints with it. Put 4 drops in an ounce of water in a jar and give a few drops in every meal and every few hours in between. You cannot use it too often. It is totally safe. It is great for people too – for anxiety, stress, shock, grief and more. There are 38 other Bach flower remedies that could help, and many other flower essence companies with combinations for specific animal,;; Many other companies with single remedies can help you select essences. They are totally safe.

For general health eliminate the collar and use harnesses with chest/leash attachments. Dr. Dobias in BC has found collars causing a plethora of physical problems.

Very important is to build your dog’s immune system (mostly with the professional care of homeopaths, chiropractors and TCVM  (Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine).

Also, following the 7 Keys to Health and watching for the Early Warning signs will generally improve health.



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Christina Chambreau, DVM, graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and has had a Homeopathic Veterinary Practice since 1988. She is co-founder and was Chair for the Academy of Veterinary homeopathy. She is the author of Healthy Animal’s Journal: What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat Live a Long and Healthy Life; Healthy Dog Journal ebook; Fleas Be Gone kindle; and co-author of Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and Live Happily Ever After. She has written and is quoted in many magazines. She lectures at veterinary conferences around the world. She speaks and gives classes for animal enthusiasts and practitioners. She is committed to empowering people to heal their animals and themselves in a way that heals the planet.

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