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End Of Life Guidance

You may have arrived at this page for several reasons.

  • Your veterinarian says it is time to euthanize your companion.
  • Your family members, neighbors or friends are telling you it is time.
  • You have wondered about hospice and allowing death to come naturally.
  • Your animal is very ill and you aren’t sure what to do next.

Each death experience is as unique as the life it brings to an end. Each being has his own journey to make in his own time and often it is intertwined with the needs of the people and animals around him. Regardless of your choices, or if they die and you have no choice except how to grieve, our gift to everyone involved is to be fully present thus helping him make his own special journey.

Life is a journey, bookmarked by birth and death. We want to honor both ends as well as we honor the middle.  The actual moment of death is the moment we have been moving towards the whole journey. We can try to experience death fully and with an attitude of peace and acceptance. Each person has unique relationships with each animal in their lives so some deaths may be more of a learning than others. 

First step

Because time may be of the essence, a pet health coaching call with me will help you evaluate the possibilities for moving back towards health, hospice care, or even a few days of increased quality life.

If you have time to read and research

The following may help you decide your next steps and provide resources for support and treatment. Each is a separate page and will have even more resources in the future.

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