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Holistic Treatments For Sick Pets

First, take a deep breath and relax. Thank you for being interested in taking a broader view of health. You can be in charge of the next steps in your pet’s health, even if the problem is critical.

How ill is your dog/cat? Is there one problem (diarrhea, itchy ear, green eye discharge, vomiting)? How is she feeling in general – active, playful and eating, or lying there not moving much?

Step One

If you, after thinking a moment about what is happening right now and how she is feeling right now (in general) are very worried, please go to the emergency clinic or to your local veterinarian for an evaluation. If possible take a friend with you. Once you are there,  you still have time (usually) to tell the veterinarian, “Thank you for the examination and your recommendations. I want to take a few minutes in the waiting room (or car, park, etc) to plan my next steps and we will be right back in.”

Step Two – timeline and master symptom list

This is especially important when you have been futilely treating illnesses for months or years. When the problem is more immediate, you can abbreviate the process. Remember you are in charge, so use this information as best works for you.

1.      List every current symptom and quantify them (measure or on a scale of -10)

2.      Think of possible causes:

a.       Recent vaccines

b.      Diet changes

c.       People changes – off to college, home from college, new job, divorce

d.      Move

e.       New additions to family – baby, new pet, new person/people

f.        Toxins given for fleas/ticks, yard, house (new paint, furniture, rugs, litter), nearby golf course sprayed.

g.       Weather and phase of moon

h.      Anything else you can think of

3.      History of this problem, treatments and responses to treatments. [link to treatment responses]

Step Three – Examine for subtle symptoms

Step Four – Overall Health (what context the symptoms are in)

1.      Energy level

2.      Emotional state\

3.      Appetite

Step Five – Take Action

I cannot give you all possible parameters to make this decision, as it will be based on the data collected above. Here are a few possible choices you can make. Then after the right amount of time (one day for diarrhea, one week for skin problems, etc) evaluate his response to your treatments [link to evaluate] and decide on the next steps. I will give lots of examples of choices people have made. Many other examples can be found in the many holistic books listed on this site. Llink to book page

A few action choices:

1.      Treat at home

a.       Food

b.      Supplements

c.       Herbs

d.      100% safe energy treatments

2.      Use lay holistic practitioners for energy treatments

3.      Find a holistic veterinarian who may also have staff trained in holistic approaches.

a.       Local

b.      Phone consulting (many homeopathic vets can do this)

4.      Go to the local veterinarian for diagnostic tests, further exams and be sure to have them explained until you understand them.

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