Homeopathy and Calves

A wonderful homeopath in New Zealand sent me this report on cows having trouble calving (August 2015).

My neighbor’s new Freisen heifers were having problems calving. She bought 32 heifers in calf and 10 of them had to have help delivering their calves. Two calves died. The vets said the bull had ‘bad blood’ and the calves had big heads – the cows were not coping with it.
I figured the cows needed support to do the extra work required to birth a calf with a big head. Sepia 10M seemed like a good option to help the cows have more interest in the process. We put a couple of pillules in a jar of water, shook it up and put in the trough – next morning a calf was born without any help. The rest of the herd is calving naturally now.
Angela Hair; Homeopathy Hub
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