Homeopathy in Wild Birds – Potency and repetition

A question emailed to me from Canada today.

Hello, Christina---I volunteer for an organization called FLAP 
which picks up dead and injured migratory birds during spring 
and fall seasons. We are using Aconite 1M and Arnica 1M 
routinely for the birds we pick up and have been getting 
very good results. Some of us with more knowledge of homeopathy 
are reaching out to auxillary remedies like Symphytum, 
Natrum sulph, etc. 

My question is re repetition regarding the higher potencies. 
The bird trauma can be akin to being in a car crash going full speed 
and hitting a brick wall. Since we cannot hold on to the birds for 
long as they are high stress, we try to return them to the air as 
soon as possible to resume their journeys. 

Can 1M's be repeated within a short time frame in such severe cases? 
Their vitality and energy levels are high until impact. 
Thanks for any advice......Riitta

My answer: Thank you, Riitta, for caring for wild birds in Ontario. 
You are correct to speak about the energy level of the birds. 
That is the key to selecting a potency. If a condition is acute and 
the animal has a high vitality, you use a high potency and it can 
be repeated as needed.

Before each dose (for birds or any species) - ask
1.  did the previous dose help?
2.  are there any new symptoms indicating a new remedy?
3.  did I wait too long before asking myself if I should repeat?

If appropriate, repeat the remedy. You may need to give it 
every five minutes, or every hour, or twice in a day. 
The animal's response to the remedy determines the repetition. 
Also, hope you all are using Reiki or another equally powerful 
hands off energy technique.  You can reiki any drugs given, too, 
and decrease possibility of side effects. 

Thanks for being calling lovingly to this rescue work.


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