Hot spots

A reader asked how to prevent hot spots and prevent them if possible.

Good for you to want to prevent hot spots. the best way is to maximize health by following the keys on my website,, especially the 7 keys to health. Healthy dogs just do not get hot spots.


Have on hand – brown lye old fashioned soap; aloe plant or drinkable organic aloe vera; calendula; SSSStingSSStop, identify the plantain in your unsprayed yard, black or green tea, Vitamin e.


Learn Reiki, acupressure, TTouch, healing Touch for Animals (HTA), massage and take one of my homeopathy classes – see below.


If, while doing TTouch, massaging or just petting carefully (to cover all the body) you discover a hot spot – clip the hair, then use the soap followed by the tea (and other healings that you have learned so far). Once it is dry, use the aloe or plantain or calendual to heal. If it is very itchy, the SSStingSSSTop may help.

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