IBD and acid reflux

In the post on July 29 I covered the basic answers to any health related question for people or animals (probably plants too). Please read that post before (or after) reading the specific answer here.

Remember to thank Mother Earth each time you go for a walk – and the trees, water…all life. They so appreciated being thanked.

We cover this approach to animal health – empowering you to be in charge rather than merely doing what the vet says – at the Holistic Actions! Academy. Our next class is on behavior and brain disease, and covers the approach that works for all dis-ease.

My facebook post asked people what issues they have and what they want covered in talks.

Tamera asked:

Moderate-severe Acid reflux in my golden retriever. No mega esophagus present. Diagnosed with IBD.

Because of the IBD with reflux, I would say that you definitely need to work with a trained holistic vet (a great one). Homeopathic ones can successfully help by phone (what I did for 35 years). Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and osteopathic, of course, need to be hands on.

You can help a lot by following the 7 keys to health discussed on July 29, taking more classes, and learning acupressure points for acid reflux/IBD. Many studies have shown that a particular probiotic, Mitomax, is very successful with IBD (decreasing prednisone dosages by 90%, though I hope you are not using that drug yet and never have to).

Marshmallow root is a very gentle mucilaginous herb that is safe to give long term (nicer than the stronger slippery elm). Flower essences can really help soothe the GIT, especially if, as there often is, an emotional component. Read much more about FE.

If you are frustrated by these problems, you may want a Pet health coaching call with me.



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