Introducing children to pets

From Pet Pav’s newsletter has a good basic article on introducing children and pets, as well as thinking out which breeds to get, by Dr. Dwight Alleyne. I would, of course, add a large number of holistic support systems that he does not cover, such as:
  1. have all family members, even children, learn Tellington T-Touch(classes, books, videos) and become Reiki Attuned (local is best but can be done on-line).
  2. Use Rescue Remedy for everyone in the early days and as long as is needed, and/or other flower essence combinations – Bach or specific combinations from,;; or
  3. Follow my 7 Keys to Health from the very beginning and maybe even schedule a Pet Health coaching appointment to be sure you will start off on the right foot.

Here is an excerpt – click here for the entire article.

Adding a pet to the family can be an exciting experience for everybody. No one is more excited than children who share in this experience. Deciding to add a pet to a household is one that should be taken seriously. Many factors are involved to make the process as easy as possible. Your experience with pets, the breed of the pet, and training all should be considered with this decision. If you have kids and are planning to acquire a pet, here are tips that may help with the transition. ..

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