Joint Health For People, Too

The holidays seem to be safe for my patients and clients – no emergency calls so far. Those animals and people who are the healthiest can tolerate more of the holiday stressors. If you are having some problems – remember the flower essences as they are wonderful for emotional states.


A woman just called asking where she could purchase Glycoflex for people. Her daughter had given it to her and she felt miraculously better while taking it. She was not sure where to order more of it. I showed her how to navigate to My Favorite Animal Products page – guess I need to call it my favorite products page – and click on the VetriScience logo. Then by scrolling down to “Other Products” she found the two Glycoflex products for people. If you have joint health issues – try Glycoflex for the new year.


The New Year is a good time to pull out the Early Warning Signs from the web site or from your Healthy Animal’s Journal and review your animal’s health. I recommend having an intuitive/psychic do an energy check twice a year, and a veterinary exam yearly – no vaccines, though. Review your Master Symptom List and the Early Warning Signs on a regular basis. Our goal is to have no symptoms and be on few supplement and no treatments. Email me if you need a health assessment appointment (for people reading this update, you will get $20 off your next appointment in January.)


The wonderful World of Pets Expo in Timonium, MD, will be January 28, 29 and 30. You can sign up for a 2 hour seminar with me (we usually go even longer) and can bring your dog as well.

Chicago is in the works for a homeopathy class. Bowie, MD is probably having an acupuncture and homeopathy two week class. If you want a class in your area, email me.

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