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Kidney Disease in Dogs

Hello, I’ve just found out my bulldog who is 8 years old has chronic
renal failure. I know that they will prescribe a rx dog food. I was
wondering what I could do better in making sure his kidneys are not
struggling with his diet. Better choices of food for his diet. Any
advice on what I should do would be much appreciated.

As general health deteriorates in people and animals, we are seeing illness I rarely saw when I graduated in 1980. Renal disease in dogs is one of these. 

First, to directly answer your question, the very best food for any dog to eat, especially one with kidney problems is FRESH food from local sources with meat that is not fed any GMO corn crops.
Different holistic veterinarians will opine on the amount of protein to be fed, but he will be better for sure, as you thought, eating fresh food.

For the very best chances with an illness that can be so life threatening, I strongly recommend finding an integrative veterinarian with whom to work – right now. This is a person trained in many different approaches, including using conventional drugs only when absolutely needed. Working with one can increase the chance that your cherished companion can live a long and healthy life after recovering from this current problem, or if not fully recovered (depending on the severity now of the kidney disease) to live much more comfortably. There are good ones and great ones, and a few homeopathic veterinarians will consult by phone or email. Read my comments at the end on working with and selecting a holistic veterinarian.
You can go to the web sites for each type of holistic practice and use their referral list to find one near to you:
1. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine:, &
2. Homeopathic veterinarians (these can often help you by phone if no other holistic practitioners are nearby that you like): and
3. Chiropractor –
4. Wide range of other treatments:, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and
Since the kidneys are part of the detoxification systems of the body, be sure to avoid any chemicals – household cleaners, yard, laundry, flea, heartworm, vaccine, foods, etc.
Learn Reiki so you can do daily healings. Learn the many other healing modalities such as flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, massage, Healing Touch for Animals, acupressure and herbs.
If you do need to give fluids under the skin, be sure to warm them.
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Christina Chambreau, DVM, graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and has had a Homeopathic Veterinary Practice since 1988. She is co-founder and was Chair for the Academy of Veterinary homeopathy. She is the author of Healthy Animal’s Journal: What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat Live a Long and Healthy Life; Healthy Dog Journal ebook; Fleas Be Gone kindle; and co-author of Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and Live Happily Ever After. She has written and is quoted in many magazines. She lectures at veterinary conferences around the world. She speaks and gives classes for animal enthusiasts and practitioners. She is committed to empowering people to heal their animals and themselves in a way that heals the planet.

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