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Every one of us is learning more, every day. This section will be added to continually and re-organized as we progress.

There are a number of  Articles at no cost, some of which link to articles or books for sale. Write a blog post for any topics you would like to hear.

The Links to Healing Resources page will list different practitioners and organizations to help you heal your animal companions.

Under the Bookstore tab are more learning options – my book, the Healthy Animal’s Journal and extensive reports by me as well as links to some wonderful books.

3 thoughts on “Learn more & Links

    1. There are now so many different organizations, and some of the best vets may only belong to one of them, so please go to my links page and check the referral list for every organization.
      also it is important to know that not all on the lists are really holistic, so read my article on selecting a good one.

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