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//Cases cured (and helped) with holistic approaches
Cases cured (and helped) with holistic approaches2016-02-28T11:28:34+00:00

As a homeopath, “cure” has a specific meaning to me – the symptoms resolve AND the individual feels more energetic, more emotionally stable, old symptoms return briefly (to clear from the energy field) and the early warning signs of illness resolve.

Because of our lifestyles and some choices we make for our animals, the symptoms may return periodically, then respond to the same treatment.

In this section, I am presenting my own cases and many others, in various different formats and amount of detail.

The purpose is for you to see that whatever is wrong with your cherished companion, there is a good chance of helping or even completely curing her. Take hope, and try a different approach.

Thank you to all who are allowing their patients to be presented here.


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