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Horses helped and cured with Homeopathy2016-03-03T08:10:42+00:00

Eye problem Dude, 23 yr old Morgan gelding presented himself on the morning of Dec.25, 2005 with a bright blue cornea. He had no visible injury, no tearing and minimal squinting. His eye was just bright blue. He was outfitted with a fly mask and duct tape was used to further shield the right eye from light. Over the period of 2 days he received doses of Calc.Carb, Symphytum, Euphrasia and Apis all 30c potency. He had slight improvement but not complete. The veterinarian came out on Dec. 27 and verified there was no corneal abrasion nor injury, but noted tear production was low. He left behind a bottle of ophthalmic steroid and tear drops to use if I couldn’t find the right remedy. I retook the case and added the decrease in tear production. I switched the remedy to Sulphur 30c. Gave him 2 doses on the evening of Dec. 27 the next day the eye was 70% clear. Continued Sulphur 30c am & pm doses until Dec.30th when the eye was 97% clear. At this point we added DMG, Burdock root and Rosehips to his diet to boost his immune system and by Feb.2006 his eye was completely clear and has stayed that way until the present. We were able to return the unopened bottle of ophthalmic steroid drops to an impressed veterinarian!

He has had no vaccinations or conventional treatments since 1998 and so was better able to respond to homeopathic treatment. (per Kelly Alfarone)


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