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Browse through our growing library of  articles and discover new perspectives on common questions and problems you may encounter with your animals.


7 Keys to Health

Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance

Holistic Overview to Maximize Health 

Selecting and Working with an Integrative Veterinarian

Yummy meals – the best nutrition


Ways to lessen the potential damage from vaccines

Heartworm prevention issues

Healthy Teeth and Dental Issues

Keep an Animal Health Journal


Homeopathy – my favorite deep healer

Flower Power – Flower Essences and Essential Oils

T-Touch Anxiety Wrapping

How to find money for veterinary care

You Can Help Our Planet


 Homeopathic First Aid for Pets

Pet first-aid by Emma Sutton

Abscesses in cats

Hospice Care may lead to longer lives

Soothing the skin while waiting for deeper treatments to cure

Traveling With Your Companion Animals – Car Trips


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