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The purpose of this page is to post links to books, news, social media sites and feline tidbits. There are also a lot of other pages on the site with articles pertaining to cats. My apologies to anyone I have linked to or posted from who is upset about that. Please email and I will remove what you do not like.


Web Sites – Dr. Jean Hofve – Tracy Dion, behavioralist and passionate about all things feline

Social Media

Books – go to the favorite books section to order, please

Pottenger’s Cats – wonderful study comparing raw meat/raw milk/cod liver fed cats with either cooked meat or cooked milk fed cats. Thousands of cats over a ten year period with lots of charts, radiographs and jaw measurements showed raw food best.

Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats – excellent
Natural Nutrition for Cats – Kymythy Schultz
Your Cat – simple New Secrets to a Longer – E. M. Hodgkins, DVM (while not pro raw, this book by a        nutritionist/veterinarian realizing that the pet food company she worked for probably caused her cat    to develop diabetes at a young age, switched to canned foods and holistic approaches. Her cat healed.


Feline Wellness (part of Animal Wellness) – use CCDVM for a discount.


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