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What About the Quality of Ingredients?2011-09-16T07:34:08+00:00

Organic or not organic?  On a scale of 0 – 100, Organic, raised in your gardens and your fields, is a 90. Not 100 because our soils are so depleted, and so even organic produce, and the best raised animals, are mineral and nutrient deficient. Health food quality fresh produce and meat would be 75 on a scale of 100, non-organic meat and produce from regular grocery stores would be 40, and good quality canned or dry would be 0 – 5. Unless you know the owners and can trust their choice of ingredients, you must depend fist on recommendations from me or others. More importantly, go by how your animal feels. Keeping your Journal will help you be concrete in your evaluations. Any other commercial food would be in the negative numbers. Liver must be organic or do not feed it (or eat it yourself) because it is the detoxifier of the body. Some books, like Pat McCay’s Reigning Cats & Dogs: Good Nutrition Healthy Happy Animals, suggest soaking the ingredients to help purify them, others feel its not needed. Water should be whatever you consider the best.

Personally, I feel we should all buy organic whenever we can to help our planet survive.

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