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The following are some suggestions for first aid kits. Comment and we will expand this.

Most importantly, remember that the healthier the animal, the quicker they will recover from even acute problems. When I am well, a cut heals fast. When I am eating a lot of junk and not taking care of myself, cuts take longer to heal. To have the healthiest animals in your life – ask questions. Do not do what your conventional or holistic veterinarian or the internet says until you understand why. If you give heartworm preventative, know the cycle of the heartworm (more than it is carried by mosquitoes) and then give the “preventative” appropriately. If your vet says to vaccinate – read enough to know the efficacy of the vaccine, the side effects, the chemicals in the vaccine, that the company says to give only to healthy dogs, the duration of the vaccine and think about how often you or your children get vaccinated. When you feed a commercial food – think about the ingredients – would it be better to feed fresh food?

An in-depth homeopathy class will be a great investment for your animals’ health. This spring in DC area we will have a 6 day class. Please email Cassandra at as the first to register interest will be able to select the class dates.

First aid treatments that may keep you from rushing to the ER and may help recovery if you do need to rush there:

Most importantly become attuned with a Reiki class. This turns your hands into pain relievers and healers – for life. You are actually the only first aid kit that is needed. There are other energy healing modalities that you can learn which may not be as popular or easy to find teachers for – Quantum Touch, Reconnective therapy, Healing Touch for Animals, TTouch, Acupressure.

Cheryl Schwartz’s book, Four Paws, Five Directions gives great instructions with photos of the location of points for many of the conditions we are discussing here. Acu-cat and Acu-Dog are also great references.

  1. Rescue Remedy  – This combination of flower essences is used any time an animal or person needs “rescuing”.  If the animal is unconscious or too painful to handle, rub a few drops into the ears or anywhere you can touch. Take a few drops orally, yourself, so you will be calmer and better able to take the next steps in the crisis. If the animal is having a seizure, put a few drops on the tongue.  If the animal is conscious, they may not like the strong alcohol content straight from the bottle, so put 4 drops in 1 ounce of water and use a few drops up to a dropperful in the mouth or on the ear or skin.  If the animal is nervous, nauseous or grouchy when driving or being flown, put some straight rescue remedy on a small cloth and put in the crate or carrier or on the seat beside the animal.  Rescue Remedy can do no harm and may miraculously help an animal recover from any problem. It can be used along with conventional medication. I have seen great results with injuries, shock, seizures, wounds, poisoning, bladder problems, severe diarrhea, bleeding. Always take it youself when you need to give it to your animals since your emotional state affects your pets.
  2. Roll of gauze  – This can be used to stop bleeding, tie a poultice in place, make a muzzle so a painful animal will not harm you or herself.
  3. A pocket knife, or small scissors to cut things with.
  4. Phone numbers of your holistic veterinarian, emergency clinic, local clinic, poison control.
  5. Packet of salt to add to water to flush eyes or wounds with. And/or herbal eye drops – silimisum, eyebright, etc.
  6. Wound salve – goldenseal, comfrey, calendula, SSStingSSStop, etc. Bandage if necessary. Always remember that when bandaging an extremity, do not cut off blood supply and twice a day check the part of the extremity sticking out from the bandage for swelling – even if the wrap was done at the clinic.
  7. Arnica 30c – this homeopathic remedy is excellent anytime there is blunt trauma: hit by car; little dog bit by big dog so it is more bruising than puncture; very sore after surgery or overwork. The key is that the animal is so sore they really do not want to be touched, even if they normally are a cuddler.
  8. Belladonna 30c for heat stroke.
  9. Carbo vegetabalis for bloat.  One acupressure point for bloat and vomiting is an inch below the belly button to wards the legs. Do these on the way to the veterinary clinic.
  10. Apis 30c for insect stings where the swelling is red and shiny.
  1. Ledum 30c for insect stings, or punctures from needles (you can find them even in the mountains), barbed wire or any other punctures. If there is a blue tint or cold application feels good Ledum is especially indicated. Also good for sprains, especially of the ankle and wrist (carpus).
  2. Hypericum 30c is also for puncture wounds and injuries to areas rich in nerves – tail, dewclaw, gums.
  3. Marshmallow root for inflammation of any mucous membranes – digestive tract (for diarrhea, vomiting and constipation); bladder; throat (kennel cough).  It is more gentle and more sustainable (from annual plant) than the more commonly used Slippery Elm (from trees).
  1. Activated charcoal – use mixed with water topically for snake bite wounds or internally for diarrhea especially you suspect poisoning.
  1. Cloths for cleaning, putting pressure on a wound and old plastic bags for the dirty gauze, towels, etc.
  2. Tweezers
  1.  wound seal – is like a glue to seal the edges of wounds. This is very expensive ($44 to $128 per small tube) and the glue can stick to other things. If you experience frequent wounds (search and rescue dogs, wilderness camping) this may be very useful.
  2. Bleeding: A little blood seems like a lot. Many people really panic when they see blood inthe urine, stool, vomit, or from a cut. Usually you do not need to treat immediately. Continue the treatment for the problem. With diarrhea, for example, there may occasionally be blood, but continue with the charcoal, Marshmallow root, aloe vera, etc. If bleeding is the main problem and there is a lot of it – blood pouring from the nose after a horse kick, or a hit by car – give Yunnan Bayiao is a chinese herb used orally or topically that halts bleeding. It can be ordered on Amazon.

Homeopathic remedy administration. For first aid, simply crush the one or 2 pellets, or put in a small amount of water (they do not need to dissolve) and put into the front of your animal’s mouth. they merely need to be on the gums to be effective, which is great for vomiting and diarrhea. They can safely be repeated every 10 or 15 mins for a few doses, then 2 or 3 times a day, ONLY if they are helping. As the condition improves, give them less. If you are working  with an integrative veterinarian, they will coach you on how often to give.

Resources: (conventional drugs in it).

For home first aid kits add:

  1. Thermometer – both an old fashioned rectal human one (that will last forever) and an easier to use digital one and some lube (butter, oil, spit, Vaseline). Insert it 1/2 to 1 inch after giving some rescue remedy to both of you, if there is nervousness about this. You cannot harm with a thermometer unless very forceful. The normal temperature of a dog or cat treated conventionally is 101.5 to 102.5 and healthy, holistically raised ones can be 100-101.5.
  2. Heating/cooling pad.
  3. Raw Honey is great on wounds (need to bandage)
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for bug control, cleaning ears and wounds (dilute till does not bother them), used in water for general health building.
  5. Aloe plant (or jar of drinkable organic aloe vea juice).  Merely break off the leaf and squeeze the juice into the mouth or onto the wound. Anti-itch, wound healing, soothing any mucus membranes (so good for diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, coughing, bladder issues).
People at the First Aid class (thank you all for coming and being so interested) also asked about fleas. Please do not use the chemical spot on treatments nor collars. My newest book, Fleas Be Gone can be ordered on Kindle from Amazon. You do NOT need a kindle reader as you can download to your computer.





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