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///Modalities – Ways to Treat for Maximum Health
Modalities – Ways to Treat for Maximum Health2016-01-25T10:30:46+00:00

There are dozens of modalities you can use to improve the health of your cherished companions.

Reiki (which can take the “bad” out of vaccines and any needed drugs, or even make food healthier) and other energetic healing methods like Quantum touch and reconnective therapy, massage, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), Tellington TTouch, acupressure, flower essence therapy, all of which are 100% safe to use for any problems. There are many more approaches you can do to help heal your animals with some training since they need to be used more carefully – homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese herbs, aromatherapy. do some google searches and peruse my book lists.  More articles will come soon.

Homeopathy – my favorite deep healer

Flower Power – Flower Essences and Essential Oils

T-Touch Anxiety Wrapping

How to find money for veterinary care

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