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Certainly an animal or person with skin problems is not completely healthy. Every philosophy and medical system (except our current Cartesian one) is based on an underlying energy field governing our body. Symptoms are the result of the energy field trying to correct imbalances. They are not caused by something outside the body. Dr. Pasteur, on his death bed, wished he had never discovered germs because the cause of illness, he said, was the “soil”, not the “germs”. Twenty children in a classroom can be exposed to the same “germ” and some get runny noses, some a cough, some a fever, some get digestive upsets and many do not become ill at all. The symptoms are a result of each individual’s energy field reacting to the “germ” trigger in unique ways.

When an energy field and an individual have good vitality, they react in more superficial ways and often more strongly (high and brief fever; swollen red, discharging ears for 2 days; itchy skin and rashes). When more ill, the symptoms are less obvious (increased thirst; picky appetite; behavior problems; liver disease; diabetes; etc.).

Which illnesses would you rather your animal experience – skin or severe organ imbalances, diarrhea, cancer, etc?

Treating ear and skin problems merely with “quick fixes” – antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc – certainly may resolve the problem temporarily. As life goes on the same problem will recur or a more serious one may appear. The goal is to treat the energy field so that the superficial symptoms resolve and the animal is more active, more emotionally stable, glowing hair coat, great appetite for a variety of foods and the symptoms rarely, if ever return.  An animal or person whose energy field is healed will live a longer healthier life which is the goal for each of us.

Must they suffer while the correct treatment is found? Of course not.

Using herbal topicals, flower essences, plants from your yard, natural oils (like coconut)  can soothe the ear or skin while the deeper imbalance is being healed with homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, Reiki, other intuitive healing or chiropractic.

You can offer Reiki (once you are trained) daily, use TTouch Anxiety Wrap, oral flower essences, supplements like VetriScience’s Derma Strength, acupressure, bathing, distracting and more for itchy skin and ears.

Be willing to tolerate a bit of an ear itchies or skin itchies while the deep healing is happening and be glad that deeper problems are not manifesting.

Because a single problem is difficult to treat with homeopathy, an itchy ear or mildly itchy skin may need other treatments if the first few remedies do not work. Try any modality and if there is no much improvement – try one of the other modalities. Sometimes an animal intuitive can help you decide ahead of time which modality is best.

Of course the cornerstone to good health (so no ear or skin problems) is feeding the best diet for that animal (I prefer chunks of Raw Meat and Meaty Bones an pureed (or juiced) vegetables and not vaccinating except for the legally required Rabies (that is viral, so gives lifetime protection).


If it’s truly a grass allergy…it might help to put the 99.9% aloe vera gel on the dog’s muzzle before they go out, let it dry. Provides a permeable barrier, that might quickly, cheaply and easily give the dog some protection against the break out at her muzzle.


Rescue Remedy is an easily available (at any health food store and many regular stores) combination flower essence to “rescue” when needed. A drop or two can be added to any of the following topical treatments or 4 drops in a pint of water can be sprayed or sponged on itchy areas or in the ears. Crab Apple is good for skin as well. (Good internally and never harmful)


Other flower essence companies have combination skin and/or ear products. Check out,,,


Animal’s Apawthecary’s has a great Herbal Ear Rinse and Fido Derm Spray           (

Annie’s Herbal Ear Relief (

Ayush Herbs: Neem oil (

Ark Natural’s Ears All Right and Royal Coat supplement. (


From the Grocery or Health Food Store:

Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe vera (from the plant or purchased), Calendula gel, Hypericum gel, Mullin or Mullin and Garlic, SSSTing SSSStop, Oatmeal baths. Put raw oatmeal in a stocking, get it wet, and then drip the liquid on the skin or in the ears.


GENTLE SUPPLEMENTS (Probably accepted by most homeopaths, but do ask)

Go to for the following 3.


Animal Essentials: Animal’s Apawthecary’s Detox (herbs in glycerin) & Merritt           Naturals Essential oils and Green supplements.

Veteriscience: Antiox; Vetri-DMG; Linoprim;

Wysong: E.F.A.;  Pet Inoculant


World Herbs for Pets: Allerg-Ease for Pets, Ear Clear, Healthy Coat, Hot Spt,           Hypothyro, Pet-D-Tox. 800-793-2729

Halo for Pets, Ark Naturals, Pet Sage, Earth animal Store and many others have skin supplements.


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