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Kirsten, of, spoke of Tashi being unwilling to let her even touch her with the TTouch circles in a workshop. Pam Wanveeer, the class instructor suggested an anxiety wrap. The directions were to take an Ace Bandage, place the center of it flat against the dog’s chest. Cross behind dog’s shoulders, then wrap again under the dog’s armpits. Tie on the dog’s side. The effect is like swaddling a baby: gentle pressure, evenly applied, is comforting, grounding, and relaxing.  Tashi enjoyed contact from then on, not even needing a repeat of the wrap.

I first saw this demonstrated at a class several of us co-taught in Gaithersburg, MD years ago. The one dog present, a German Shepherd, seemed to think his job was to make sure everyone was happy. Though not distressed, he was on high alert. When Celine Roll demonstrated the anxiety wrap, he took a deep sign and laid alertly in his crate.

With pictures, is a pdf file from TTouch themselves.



More later.

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