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Are Vaccinations Harmful?2011-09-15T12:22:21+00:00


Holistic veterinarians are finding that vaccines are causing great harm to our animals (and ourselves). To cure an animal we must use homeopathic remedies known to reverse vaccine related problems. Often, if vaccinated during treatment, the progress we are making is stopped. Conventional veterinarians are also reporting health problems due to vaccinations. “Immune-mediated hematologic disease and transient bone marrow failure are increasingly recognized sequela of…vaccination. … Postvacinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated with…vaccines. …Adverse reactions to vaccination have also recently been reported with increasing frequency in cats.” (Dr. Dodds, 1990) Other reports include: immunologic disorders (Frick, Green, McDonald, Phillips & Schultz, Tizard); adverse vaccine reactions (Green, McDonald, Phillips & Schultz, Tizard, Wilford); increased sensitivity to pollen antigens after vaccination (Frick, Dodds). See vaccination bibliography for more information.

The inserts that come with all vaccines say to use them only in healthy animals. So if you are taking your animal to a clinic or a kennel and there is not great health, then the vaccines should not, according to the manufacturer, be used at that time. Most of my clients have told horror stories of the illnesses they feel occurred after their animals were vaccinated. Some problems were immediate, but most were slower onset.

A veterinarian who breeds and shows Collies tells of breeders who start vaccinating at 2 weeks of age with modified live multiple vaccines. She has noticed for years that these are puppies who have the most lamenesses, the most bloat, the most skin parasites and the most breeding problems. She has avoided them for years.

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