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////Can My Animals Be Safe Without Vaccinations?
Can My Animals Be Safe Without Vaccinations?2011-09-15T12:22:43+00:00


YES! Wendy and Jack Volhard studied kennels in Germany, many with lines of German Shepherds that we have here in the States. These 200+ dogs are given a distemper and a parvo only at ago 10 weeks and 1 year. No other vaccines are given except Rabies, when needed. These dogs are having litters and showing at 10 years of age, and live to 16 or so. In the States, many Shepherds are dying by the age of 10. Rotweiller breeders who do not vaccinate have dogs living to 14, the others often die at 6-8 from cancer. Great Danes, sight hounds, poodles, almost any breed has many examples of improved health from not vaccinating unless there is really a need and then only once or twice. Other breeders have found that stopping vaccination has made their line much healthier, and usually immune (through good health) to the infectious agents that usually cause disease. (Not always, of course. Some dogs or cats are very susceptible to disease and will become infected even if vaccinated). I have found that unvaccinated animals who do contact an infectious disease often (not always) recover more quickly, some with homeopathic treatment, some with only supportive care.

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