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Homeopathic Vaccines?2011-09-15T12:22:32+00:00


Many people have stopped vaccinating, but have started using homeopathic protection on an ongoing basis. These remedies are called nosodes, and are homeopathic preparations of the different animal diseases made from the tissues of a diseased animal. Therefore they are made, not only the organism, but an animal’s response to the organism. Some are using nosodes for each disease, and others are using combinations of all the diseases. Most animal nosodes have not been tested (proved). This is still operating from a fear of getting something, rather than “let’s become very healthy so that even if we are exposed to a communicable disease, we will not get that ill.” There is a lot of evidence for the success of using homeopathic remedies in people over the last 200 years to protect them during an epidemic, but few doctors recommended on-going prevention, and certainly not repeated throughout the life of the person.

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