Ways to lessen the damage from vaccines


Most importantly, follow the package insert which says for use in healthy animals only. If you are dealing with chronic illness, see if the vaccine can be postponed, but know the legal risks of doing this (the Yahoo group – NovaccsK9 – can help with this). Muscle test/ask nature or contact an intuitive to see if this is a safe (or safeish) time to give the vaccine.

When you know you will be vaccinating, try the following:

1. Give Vaccine Detox for 1 -2 weeks before the vaccine and 1-2 weeks after the vaccine. This is a totally safe flower essence combination formulated by expert veterinarian Jean Hofve.

2. Dr. Lynn Peck is doing some research indicating a precipitous drop in calcium (and other minerals as well) levels right after vaccination. She muscle tests to determine how much and for how long to give the calcium. I suggest tripling calcium levels fro a few days before and a few days after any vaccine. Learn to ask nature what is needed, now, for this animal – amount and for how long.

3. Learn Reiki (for classes go to web or local health food stores and local integrative human and animal practitioners). This gives you the ability to “take the bad out of anything.” I did Reiki on very stinky chlorinated water and everyone at the table had me do their glass because it tasted great. Hold the syringe in your hand and treat it till your hands are not hot. If challenged, say you have heard all the problems caused by vaccines and want to pray over it. Once in the car (if you are not at a friendly, understanding vet) Reiki the injection site till hands not hot. Then offer Reiki to the whole animal until she no longer draws energy.

4. Check daily for the appearance of any of the early warning signs of illness or any obvious illness and if seen, seek out a holistic practitioner immediately (hopefully you already have one).

5. I do not suggest routinely using homeopathic remedies after vaccines. There is no philosophic rationale for it.

5. Pay close attention to any changes after vaccines (use the early warning signs of illness page) and contact an integrative veterinarian if you see problems.


4 thoughts on “Ways to lessen the damage from vaccines

    1. I do not recommend rabies vaccine in older animals, especially indoor cats. there are many veterinarians who agree with this, although you still may run afoul of the animal control laws.
      for any vaccine, if you are forced to give it, there are things you can do to mitigate the negative effects. The best is to keep your cats as healthy as possible – follow the 7 Keys to health.
      Keep a journal, read a lot of great books and magazines, offer reiki every day and many other things.

      for the vaccine itself, learn Reiki (see Below) and hold the vaccine syringe in your hand until the “draw” is gone, then Reiki the injection site once you are in car, then Reiki the whole animal daily until they do not “draw”. If you have not yet learned Reiki, use the contacts below to have it done for your animal after the vaccine. For two weeks before and two weeks after, give the totally safe Vaccine Detox, a flower essence from Spirit Essences. Then use the Early Warning signs to see if further holistic treatment is needed if any of them appear or worsen. A wonderful list serve on vaccines, their harm and alternatives is at yahoo groups. To register, go to novaxk9s-subscribe@yahoogroups.com A great web site is http://vaccines.dogsadversereactions.com/

    1. No, that does not happen. the FELK vaccine can weaken the immune system, thereby making animals more susceptible to other viruses. FIV and FELK are related (both are lentaviruses) but the vaccine does not create FIV. Dr. Pitcairn spoke on how the canine distemper vaccine may have increased the susceptibility to Parvo (a coronavirus that had been around), in essence creating a new disease.

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