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Resources to Help You Help our Planet

NOW – see my favorite video clip on the environment – the Wombat video:
How can you have this video seen by millions?

Your action is needed now – we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of animals – in the late 90s researchers realized that 90% of the lions, tigers, polar bears, whales, elephants, large fish and more ARE GONE. You are needed to save these talismanic and charismatic creatures. Let everyone know about this devastating fact – go to:

You want our planet to become healthier. You see the devastation. You smell the pollution.
You feel the seasons happening at the wrong time. Emotionally you cry for our planet.

A small of group of committed people is what it takes to make a huge difference – in fact, that is the
only way change ever happens. The following pages give you some tools and insights to help the planet.

Most importantly, THINK ENVIRONMENT with EVERY ACTION you take.

When you walk – what are your shoes made from, where did they come from, what damage are they doing, did they help or hurt the people who made them…?

When you shop – where did the food come from, what is it packaged in, how was the soil treated, did toxins go into the air, water, soil or the food itself (grapes & strawberries, for instance, are highly toxic), what happened to the people producing, packing and shipping the food? What was the animal’s life like…?

I strongly invite you to attend the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium – become part of a human presence that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. Discover what you will do next. Be re-invigorated and inspired. Go to to find the nearest symposium to you. Email me if you want to schedule one in your area.

My commitment is to daily increase the actions I take that are friendly to the planet and to help others do the same.

Maryland Recycling Resources

Fair Trade

Don’t Use Resources at All or Re-use Them

Batteries – problems and what to do

Find Healthy Agriculture Products

Burn Candles to Help, not Harm, the Planet

Keep checking for new information or email your information to be included on these or other pages.

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