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  1. Hi Dr. Chambreau,

    I received your March Newsletter that talked about different types of feeding and you said if we would send questions that you might answer about 10 of them.

    I have been feeding raw for almost a year.
    ANS:Good for you to have switched to feeding what makes sense.
    I have terriers and the girls all have/had a seborrhea-type problem. I have never had this problem in 35 years of breeding until about 8-10 years ago. I am noticing that feeding raw is definitely lessening the skin issues and the younger ones are getting better faster than the older ones which would make sense.

    ANS: Many animals respond this way. Not all are improved by changing the diet. Some need supplements, TCVM, Homeopathy or other healing modalities.

    My youngest one is now about 15 months and has been raw fed almost from the start. She was a great eater but has become very picky for the last 4 months. She will pick at her food or just let it sit there. We have to take it away from her and refrigerate it and give it back later in the day. She will usually eat at least some of it during the night. We have tried to feed her in a crate, in a pen, and loose in the kitchen. It doesn’t much matter.

    ANS: You have been very creative and many readers will appreciate and can try your techniques to get her to eat. Sometimes dogs need holistic treatment to rebalance their vibrational pattern/chi in order to eat well. In TCVM, different “constitutions” need different diets, sometimes even cooked meats. your next steps may include doing Reiki on her food and offering Reiki to her; seeking help of a trained professional with acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, flower essences, quantum touch, HTA, TTouch, or other modalities to make her healthy enough to eat properly.

    Of course, she will eat any and all people food that we give her (which is not much).

    ANS: Maybe you need to give more “people” food. Now I am not sure what you are feeding. People food is real food. Maybe you are feeding a commercial raw food diet. If that is the case, she may not like their combination of meats and vegetables. Try feeding your own raw meats. Or she likes the meat cooked, if that is the “people” food she will eat. So lightly cook her meats. Or you can use the “people” food she likes as a topping to get her to eat.

    This pickiness (Is that a word?) started when her sister left the house. They were both about a year and had always been together. Her sister was always a very picky eater, but this one that I have kept was never picky.

    ANS: very good observation. This refers back to my comment above that often the vital force/chi/vibrational field needs healing in order to eat properly. You want to treat her emotional state. Now that is a challenge. Was she sad or angry or frustrated by her sister leaving? You may need to connect with an animal intuitive to discover the cause. Or you can try a set of flower essences/acupressure/ essential oils for grief then anger, etc.

    She is very active and healthy.

    ANS: When you say she is healthy, have you looked at the early warning signs of internal imbalance at this site? if she has none of those, is a good weight and continues to be active, you may be wanting her to eat too much. Feed the amount she seems to want, then only feed more if she asks. Just let her decide.

    Also, I wonder if you would be planning an animal homeopathy course like the one you are doing in Vancouver in the Northeast or the East at any time?

    ANS: I will do one anytime someone creates the course and enrolls people in it. Several people are talking about organizing one in the Washington DC area.

    Thanks so much,
    Susan and the Lakeland Terriers

    Susan, keep us posted on this blog, about what helps your girl the most.

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