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Most Common Ailments

June 2012 of the Veterinary Practice News says that chronic disease is on the rise in pets. From a holistic standpoint this is not surprising – increase the toxic load and stop the symptoms expressed by the vibrational pattern and illness is the result.

Banfield Pet Hospital’s Pet health 2012 report attributes the increase “…in part to declining veterinary visits…” I would strongly disagree.

Weight increased from 2007 to 2011 by 37% for dogs and 90% in cats. WOW. I was really startled. I would say that less than 10% of the animals in my holistic practice have excess weight issues.  28 % of mature large breed dogs are overweight in 2011.  Please click on the comment button to let me know if your cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc are overweight and by how much.
Holistic perspective:  As with people, calories in and calories out is the deciding equation. Many do not exercise their animals enough. Empty calories in the form of dry and canned foods, especially ones with grains and by products, encourage animals to overeat just as we do when eating chips and sweets. Feeding a prey diet is usually the answer. If weight is still an issue, energy treatment may be needed.

Arthritis in creased by 38% in dogs and 67% in cats. In 2011, 13% of geriatric dogs had arthritis. Many were overweight.
Holistic perspective: There are many underlying factors for arthritis, including excess weight. Vaccines, toxins (flea and tick control, maybe heartworm preventative, lawn and house, air and water…), inadequate diet and genetics are a few. Did you know that the cartilage end of chicken bones has loads of the chondroiton that is protective to the joints? Interesting that if you eat joints, you have more chance of healthy joints.  The best prevention is building up health with a fresh food diet, few vaccines (Rabies only to adults), minimize chemicals and other toxins, keep weight in a good range, keep a journal to track the early warning signs of illness to start energetic treatment before any symptoms appear.

Kidney disease rose 15% in cats (more and more veterinarians are recommending avoiding dry food, which I think accounts for this low rate of kidney disease increase) and 1 in 12 older cats had kidney disease. This probably does not include the many deaths from kidney disease due to poisoned processed dog and cat foods.
Holistic perspective:  Same as above. Follow the 7 Keys to Health  and never feed dry food. Healthy cats rarely drink water, so if your cat is not eating dry food (which forces them to drink) and is thirsty, consult with a holistic practitioner or at least begin self care (Reiki, flower essences, HTA, TTouch, etc).

Low thyroid increased 6% in dogs, and high thyroid by 13% in cats.
Holistic perspective: Many things have been purported to cause the thyroid problems. Linings of cat food cans, vaccines, food ingredients, genetics and toxins. Low thyroid responds very well to homeopathy and chinese medicine. High thyroid in cats can be a challenge to treat holistically so it is best to keep your cat so healthy that it never appears. Have a medical intuitive check your cat twice a year, along with your annual physical with the integrative veterinarian. Monthly, or more if ill, check the early warning signs and keep your journal up to date.

About the Author:

Christina Chambreau, DVM, graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and has had a Homeopathic Veterinary Practice since 1988. She is co-founder and was Chair for the Academy of Veterinary homeopathy. She is the author of Healthy Animal’s Journal: What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat Live a Long and Healthy Life; Healthy Dog Journal ebook; Fleas Be Gone kindle; and co-author of Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and Live Happily Ever After. She has written and is quoted in many magazines. She lectures at veterinary conferences around the world. She speaks and gives classes for animal enthusiasts and practitioners. She is committed to empowering people to heal their animals and themselves in a way that heals the planet.


  1. Deborah February 1, 2013 at 3:37 pm - Reply

    Hello DrC,
    I have a dear friend Jake, who is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd. He tends to gain weight easily even on a high quality raw diet- I got him down to 68 pounds for a while, but now he is 73 pounds. His energy is low, he chews the fur on his feet, has a large benign growth on his chest, is moody and tends to be better with occupation and when nothing is happening will go off to be by himself. Sometimes if things don’t go his way (eg someone eats his food when I am not looking) he will drop his head and tiptoe away to sulk. He is afraid of airplanes, (actually scans the sky for planes) storms,fireworks, pounding and loud noise. I got him at 8 months after someone sent him back to the breeder because his teeth were not show quality. I think he was totally depressed for years. He eats very slowly and had a ton of fleas this past fall which I had to finally treat with Advantage and we are very exposed to ticks as we live in the nature conservancy. I am concerned because we lost our 14 yo Aussie in December, and we just got a puppy (F-Aussie). Jake will have to have a rabies shot in March and I am concerned about his energy and weight. Do you think he would benefit from a homeopathic remedy? Things that make him happy are getting his stomach scratched, getting a hug from both my husband and I at the same time, going for a walk in the woods, jumping, and leaping to catch anything. What do you think?

  2. tina-admin February 2, 2013 at 9:31 am - Reply

    Yes, homeopathy or good TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) can cure his weight, improve energy, decrease his many fears, clear up skin issues including increasing his resistance to fleas. His normal personality may be to go off by himself, but not to sulk. You are right to be concerned about giving the Rabies vaccine as that could worsen his condition. Some dogs, though, are not bothered by the vaccine.

    The best is to work with an integrative veterinarian, by phone or in person. He is young enough and ill enough to warrant finding the best fit for you and he. You gave wonderful information to help find a homeopathic remedy. I cannot prescribe one to you, because it is not about finding “the remedy”, more selecting a remedy, giving it and carefully evaluating the response – cure, palliation or suppression – and then deciding on the next treatment step. There is not a one time treatment, so you do need to work with a professional.

    There are things you can do to help him.
    1. Make a concerted effort to do all the things he likes to keep him as active a possible. Maybe pay a girl or boy scout, or 4-Her, or local person to give even more walks and runs, playing and chasing.
    2. Reiki is excellent for many of his issues.
    3. Flower essences from the many great companies who make combinations for animals.
    4. healing Touch for animals and Tellington Touch are both wonderful for healing.

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