New Hill’s Food – or fresh?

Hill’s Prescription Diet has now introduced a Low Fat GI Restore Canine diet. It is “highly digestible, low fat nutrition to soothe, protect and restore the canine stomach and intestines.”  Conventional veterinarians will suggest it for pancreatitis, hyperlidpidemia, inflammatory bowel diseases and more.

This sounds so good. Sounds like your ill dog would really benefit from this diet. Some dogs will certainly be helped by this,  but it will not cure a dog who has a deep vibrational imbalance that usually cause these ailments. Will it improve or worsen overall health? Do you think people become overall healthier when put on liquid “complete” diets? Not usually, and it is not intended for life. Most dogs will stay on this diet as the symptoms will merely be controlled by it. The ingredients are mostly not whole foods so many synthetic vitamins needed to be added.  A few of the ingredients are  (remember dogs in the wild do not eat any grains, nor do their prey) Corn Starch, Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Whole Grain Wheat, Chicken By-Product Meal, Chicken Liver Flavor (by AAFCO definition this does not even have to be real liver), Flaxseed, Oat Groats, Cracked Pearled Barley, Dried Beet Pulp, Lactic Acid, Ginger Root Powder (this is very good for digestive issues but I wonder how much is in the diet), Soybean Oil (almost all Soybean oil is GMO which is not healthy) and many vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are almost all grains.

The better diet for dogs with digestive issues is the best, free range (Dr. Pottinger’s studies showed that cats fed feedlot meats were no healthier than ones fed cooked meat.) high protein, lots of variety,  fresh diet.

While some animals may be helped with Prescription diets of all sorts, and I do find that cats and dogs who are not eating will often eat A/D, most thrive on a fresh food diet. When they are ill, holistic approaches and a fresh food diet will usually help them more than drugs and a grain diet.

3 thoughts on “New Hill’s Food – or fresh?

  1. My dog has severe acid -I tried cooking and sweet potatoes and pink in and Qiuuno which made him sick – the only thing he can digest is the low fat total canine -I hate the ingredients –and he also takes Pepcid 2x daily -and just switched to Zantac -become every 2/3 weeks he gets very bad acid even on this diet.
    I would love to get him on a better diet
    Any suggestions ?
    French bull dog almost 4 years old -very small body frame

    Thank you

    1. when your attempts at feeding a fresh food diet are not working, it means there is a deeper energy imbalance causing the issues. I am glad you are asking for alternatives to the short term help of drugs. Please go to my links page and check every one of the organizations to see who is the closest to you – or consult with a homeopath by phone if there is not a good one nearby. Read my article on selecting a good one.

      Also, get Reiki attuned as that may help. There is a lot you can try on your own, but vomiting sweet potato seems to me to need deeper healing.

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