New Homeopathy Book

Richard Moskowitz, MD, a wonderful homeopath in the Boston area since 1974 (!!!!) and brilliant speaker and author, has published a new book – Plain Doctoring: Selected Writings, 1983-2013.

Table of Contents

    I.   Memoir:

          Why I Became a Homeopath

  II.   Writings on Midwifery:

           Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth, Excerpts

            Some Thoughts on the Beginnings of Life

III.   Writings on Vaccination:

          The Case Against Immunizations

Vaccination: a Sacrament of Modern Medicine

Hidden in Plain Sight: the Rôle of Vaccines in Chronic Disease

 IV.   Writings on Homeopathic Philosophy and Method:

            Childhood Ear Infections

Hahnemann’s Achievement and Legacy

Resonance: the Homeopathic Point of View, Excerpts

            The Fundamentalist  Controversy

For Homeopathy

  V.   Writings on the Philosophy of Medicine:

            Some Thoughts on the Malpractice Crisis

Plain  Doctoring


Vaccines, Drugs, and Other Causes: a Homeopath Looks at the Medical System

Order it (25) from  CreateSpace,  Amazon, by special order from your bookseller, or from Dr. Moskowitz.

support your local bookseller if possible.

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