New Year’s Resolutions for your Pets

The American Kennel Club posted yesterday four resolutions for dog owners. These are all great and I want to add a bit of my wishes to each, then list my top resolutions.

  1. Mind your manners. It is more critical to have a well behaved dog than you could possibly imagine. What if there were a natural disaster, a fire, you were injured – and strangers needed to tend to your pets – critical for dogs AND CATS to be very very well trained. Also, for health I recommend doing a Pet Health exam every month, so training your dog and cat to LOVE (because they like to please you and they may get a treat) having their teeth, ears, eyes, moth examined, their nails trimmed, their butt examined. Treatments will be much easier, too.
  2. Competitions are important because some dogs need the constant stimulation and others need the exposure to different situations. There are many creative ways to compete, even if you do not have the money – neighbors, dog park, etc. Cats can do agility, too!!!
  3. Lose weight if needed. When you switch to a fresh food diet the pounds will just easily fall away, for most dogs and cats. If they do not, then deeper holistic treatments may be needed. Do not make your dog or cat miserable by feeding way too little if the weight does not fall – seek help.
  4. Serve others at hospitals, nursing homes, search and rescue, etc. Sometimes serving others is asking children with no pets, or elderly who feel they cannot afford a pet to play with, pet your pets. More on health issues at my site,


  1. Review each decision you make for your dogs and cats (horses, birds, kids, you too). Are you doing this because someone (even a vet) told you to? Heartworm prevention, Flea chemicals, Vaccines, feeding processed foods, waiting to treat mild problems…Be sure you understand why the treatment/preventative is suggested and then see if there are healthier alternative. ASK QUESTIONS of everyone then make up your own mind.
  2. Keep a journal and regularly evaluate the early warning signs of illness so you know what is working the best for each pet.
  3. Feed fresh food, preferably from local sources.
  4. Be sure to have one member of your health care team be an integrative vet (homeopathic ones can consult by phone).
  5. Learn healing methods you can do at home – Reiki, Acupressure, Massage, Flower essences, essential oils, TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA)…and more
  6. Read, read , read. Books and magazines.


please comment below on your resolutions this year.

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