Old age eye changes

You probably don’t remember me, but I took one of your classes in Texas a number of years ago [ME: this was a great class in Navasota, Tx – 6 day introduction to homeopathy hosted by the Mountain Dream Alpaca Farm]. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for treating eyesight issues in older dogs. I assume the cloudy eyes is glaucoma. My 15 year old border collie mix, Gypsy’s eyesight is not very good and she misjudges distances when she tries to step down steps. Her arthritis is responding well to acupuncture, laser, and chiropractic manipulation, but she tries to jump small steps and ends up falling. Thanks!

It is actually unlikely that a cloudy eye is glaucoma. Glaucoma has a swollen eye (usually noticed first), then a lot of pain from the swelling, then sometimes cloudiness as well. Most likely is nuclear sclerosis – a thickening of the fibers of the lens which causes a whitish look to the lens. Possible is a cataract, which looks similar, but is less common with border collies, and the whiteness has a more crystalline quality. Or it could be a progressive corneal problem causing cloudiness of the cornea. you can tell yourself if it is cornea or lens by carefully looking, maybe even with a flashlight.

Since you are using acupuncture, ask that veterinarian to examine the eye and let you know what is causing the cloudy eyes. Then ask her to tailor the acupuncture treatment to include that symptom, and maybe even suggest some Chinese Herbs for it.

I am currently treating my cataract with Natural Ophthalmics eye drops for cataracts which has the commonly recommended Cineraria Maritima. This is not burning my eyes as have prior cineraria drops. Ocu-glo has an oral supplement to improve eye health.

Remember, it is important to remember that the energy imbalance causes all the symptoms, and the cure (homeopathy, acupuncture, etc) needs to address the totality of symptoms, not merely one problem.

Also, look into Tellington touch. They have ways to help young dogs with steps and this may help with your dog as well.

If you have learned a way to ask yes/no questions, you can ask what modalities would be best for her at this time.


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