Pet Food Indusrty says “MEAT”

In an article posted by Debbie Donaldson about the InterZoo 2016 expo, many pet food manufacturers from around the world are advertising they are putting meat, real meat, into their processed foods. There are BARF and fresh meat claims, too. Do I think this is good? Yes and No. Yes because some dogs and cats will get more meat that is not merely left overs from the food industry (I think). No because it will still be cooked, cooked, cooked and extruded. Fresh is still the best.

Names: Meat Love; Eat, Meat, Repeat;

While many companies have jumped on the grain free bandwagon, I wonder what they are using for filler.

There were some vegetarian companies, too. Dr. Pitcairn and his wife Susan are becoming passionate that it can be fine to feed vegetarian to our omnivores and maybe even to obligate carnivore cats.

One UK company who is already selling environmental pet products is starting to sell food made with local, humanely raised in a biodegradable bag.

I am actually excited about a number of foods using insects as the protein source. This could be a sustainable way to feed our cherished companions. While I am not yet ready to eat insects, I am interested in different approaches to eating/feeding. I think I just need to eat a lot less to help our planet, yet am not quite ready to do that.

Again, if you are not mainly feeding fresh for any reason, I will give you 10 mins of a consult for free to help you move more to fresh. And a great TED-X talk by Rodney Habib adds more info on the benefit of fresh.

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