Prevent these breed diseases

Dr. Becker does a great presentation of the early signs of common inherited diseases of 9 breeds of dogs, even asserting that holistic treatment may prevent them from worsening. I say that if you start at day one with holistic approaches, you may even prevent the beginning signs of these diseases.

Briefly, with my added comments (and there are many, many more for each of these breeds):

  1. Yorkshire terriers – portosystemic shunt (liver shunt) – while surgery is often needed, I have seen dogs thrive into middle age with no surgery – using diet and homeopathy.
  2. Chihuahuas – Hydrocephalus – abnormal accumulations of fluid in the brain -pain, convulsions and more.  Working to keep the immune system and energy pattern strong could prevent this from developing.
  3. Maltese – patellar luxation – kneecap slips in and out. Many small breeds have this. I treated a toy poodle whose knee went out over 100 times on an hour walk, and we resolved it with homeopathy.
  4. Boxer – mast cell cancer, lymphoma. When a breed tends towards cancer, it is even more important to avoid all chemicals (vaccines, flea & tick treatments, processed foods) and work using the Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance to maximize health. Use Reiki or Quantum touch daily as part of your meditation.
  5. Bulldogs – skin, hip dysplasia, airway diseases.
  6. Beagles – epilepsy (again avoid chemicals) and hypothyroidism, which can be easily and permanently treated with homeopathy and TCVM.
  7. Doberman – Wobbler and prostate problems. While I do not suggest supplements for life, it may be useful to use saw palmetto during any stressful times, or even more frequently. Do stop if for a few weeks after each bottle to be sure no symptom are being masked. Wobbler is well treated with excellent TCVM. I know a Dane who lived an active 5 years after diagnosis with weekly acupuncture treatments.
  8. Standard Poodle – bloat and Addison’s disease. I never see bloat in raw fed dogs. Since Addison’s disease is autoimmune based – avoid chemicals and build the immune system with basic holistic care.
  9. Great Danes – Dilated cardiomyopathy and, in a merle dog born with two copies of that gene – blindness and deafness, or other serious eye problems.

Bottom line for all of these – Prevent by building health, knowing that each dog may need a different approach. Do not wait to begin holistic approaches (at home or with a vet) until they are becoming ill. Start NOW.  For a Pet Health Coaching call – email me at


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