Question – diet, vaccines, thyroid

a face book friend asked at my vet site:

Darla Humphrey-Presba

  • Hi Dr. Chambreau!! Just found your information under Holistic Veterinarian’s list through the UCD website! Getting ready to download your book, “Feeding the Healthy Pet,” and looking forward to all the information to help keep my 3 Sheltie companions healthy!!! Right now, I am feeding them kibbles and I purchase it in a 25 pound bag. I separate into 3 cups and use a seal a meal to help keep the food fresh. I thought since the food has a high protein content, then it should be wrapped so the oil won’t go rancid. Good idea? I also hope to find some good recipes for treats and meals in your book. Right now, they like: split peas, coconut flakes and oil, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, to name a few, but would like to find which kinds of flour to use for treats. The pup needs her 2nd and 3rd pup vaccinations and I was wondering which kind to purchase? Bobby, my 3 yr. old, was tested for his thyroid, and unfortunately he carries the gene for thyroid problems in the future. Do you have any suggestions for his diet? Maya is going to be a year old in July and she is the tri-blue. Thank you for your book and any information you can provide me. I am grateful for sure and I have added you to my facebook page! Have a great day!!!


    And my answer: Sorry for delay. I do not check facebook enough. super of you to be thinking of holistic ways to make your dogs healthy. 1. Good idea to wrap food. Better idea to not feed kibble, even high grade. 2. stay away from flour. Best treats are when you dehydrate meat. Or sweet potato meat patties. 3. Pup – do a titer and no more vaccines if titer for D and P are adequate. Then never need to do a titer nor vaccine again. 4. read my site about using Reiki, Vaccine detox and Calcium to help prevent problems from required Rabies vacc 5. Find a holistic vet now who will approve of minimal vaccines and help you out with exemptions if needed. 6. bobby – with the predisposition to hypothyroid – no vaccines, Rabies as in 4 or none; feed a locally raised raw meat/vegetable diet; treat regularly with constitutional acupuncture or homeopathy (my healthy dog journal will help you track what works and what does not; maybe do an intuitive healer check twice a year to see if any organ is beginning energetically to be out of balance, or learn to do that yourself (dowsing, SK, pendulum, etc). 7. Maya – all of the above for general health. 8. for all – go to my home page and read all the links – 7 keys, early warning, journal; read the articles; subscribe to magazines (see links page); read books get on list serves; use your common sense.  Hope this helps.

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