Reminder about vaccines

From Homeopathic veterinarian Michael Dym:

though he is addressing veterinarians, it is up to you, the pet parent, to make sure your veterinarian does this vaccine avoidance.

ATTENTION TO ALL OF MY CONVENTIONAL VETERINARY COLLEAGUES…. Adult dogs who present with unknown vaccination histories do NOT need 2nd or third distemper/parvo boosters. According to the LEADING OBJECTIVE, NON DRUG COMPANY ASSOCIATED IMMUNOLOGIST, Ron Schultz, phd. for those who choose to vaccinate ONE modified live parvo/distemper vaccination given to pets at age 16 weeks of age or older gives YEARS TO LIFE TIME IMMUNITY. This is not just based on vaccination antibody titers, but also challenge studies that have been done and repeated by Schultz and colleagues. The tragedy in giving anything more than this is the epidemic level of chronic disease and vaccinosis that I see every week in veterinary practice, and that causes so much needless suffering and premature death…. STOP THE MADNESS.

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