Silky Terriers

I am speaking today at the Silky Terrier Nationals in Northern Virginia. Areas of concern that people requested I speak about were:

  1. SKIN – to understand more about skin issues and soothing treatments.
    1. Paw licking
    2. eye drainage
    3. Warts
  2. BEHAVIOR – read the flower essence article
    1. Guarding food
    2. eating feces
    3. Separation anxiety
    4. Fears
    5. Barking
    6. Anxiety around nail trimming

Of course, I will spend most of my time going over the basics:

  1.  7 keys to health 
  2. ways to lessen damage from vaccines (and only giving legally required Rabies after the puppy shots)
  3. the need for a team approach and how to select a veterinarian
  4. Feeding a great diet with raw being the best for most

2 thoughts on “Silky Terriers

  1. Thank you so much for the fabulous presentation at the Silky Terrier National Specialty!!!
    Kathy Reparsky
    May 2015

    1. You are very welcome. Spread the word and get me invited to teach more in detail on any of the subjects I covered. And remind me if I do not answer all the questions by editing this post.

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