Stretched Cruciate Ligament

Reader asked: I read that surgery was not always necessary for a stretched or torn cruciate ligament. What are other options? Is there a holistic vet anywhere near Memphis, Tn.?

Answer: Most dogs and cats can completely heal without surgery unless the ligaments are entirely torn, and sometimes they can still recover from that. From a holistic perspective, unless there was blunt force trauma (caught foot in a hole, or was kicked by a horse, etc) that caused the rupture, having any kind of ligament problems reflects underlying poor health.

The best treatments, then, are ones geared to supporting the leg from worsening while you build overall health. Approaches that have healed ACLs include prolotherapy (injections to stimulate cartilage production), acupuncture or homeopathy to build up overall health as well as strengthen the knee and speed healing of the ligaments, chiropractic to support the rest of the body (walking crooked because of holding up that leg) as well as to build up health, hydrotherapy/treadmill work, Postural rehabilitation, osteopathy, orthotics (knee braces), and even stem cell transplants.

Along with this, you want to be working on building health by following the 7 keys to health  and maybe working with energy healers.

You have three options at this point

  1. go conventional – you already declined that
  2. find a veterinarian on your own, following the guidelines below.
  3. Schedule a pet health coaching call with Dr. Chambreau (me) to explore all the ways you can improve health and heal the knee, including finding the best veterinarian for your dog and you right now.

There are now a large number of holistic veterinarians who are members of some of the many holistic organizations. Many practitioners are members of only one or two of the organizations, so you do need to go to every site to find who is near you:
1. Wide range of other treatments:, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and
2. Homeopathic veterinarians (these can often help you by phone if no other holistic practitioners are nearby that you like):,
3. Chiropractic and Osteopathic –; (they treat dogs, too)
4. TCVM (Acupuncture and Chinese medicine):, &

5. Herbal –

6. Postural rehabilitation – dogs and horses –

This article on selecting and working with a holistic vet will help you.





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