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  1. I commented regarding Standard Process in two other posts but wanted to also mention my successes with the product and my dog Audrey. Audrey has congenital kidney disease. We noticed symptoms of polyuria and polydipsia even before weaning. She would also sleep in the water bowl when empty. Audrey was weaned onto a balanced raw diet. The official diagnosis came at one year when I took her in to be spayed. Bloodwork was done three times over a 9 month period all showing elevated BUN and creatinine. Urine specific gravity off with slight amount of protein in urine. Urine culture done and nothing found.

    Shortly after dianosis I started Audrey on Standard Process Canine Renal Support, Standard Process Canine Hepatic Support, Cataplex B, Cataplex C and Catalyn. I also give Garden of Life Primal Defense probiotics and The Fiber35Diet Sprinkle Fiber for nitrogen trapping. I decided after much research to not restrict Audrey’s diet. She is and has been on a standard raw diet — no reduction in protein or phosphorus. Audrey just turned 5 years old the end of June and to this day her symptoms have (for the most part) not changed — still only polyruia and polydipsia. Once in a while her breath will have the tell tale foul smell associated with toxic blood. At this point I will begin supplementing with the Sprinkle Fiber and generally within a few days her breath is back to normal again.. 🙂

    I had her muscle tested for Renatrophin and Renafood and at the time they responded neutral however I will continue muscle testing these two products on a regular basis. At some point I imagine she will need the increased protomorphogens in Renatrophin?

    I believe in my heart that Audrey is still with me and healthy due to the species appropriate, balanced, raw diet and Standard Process supplements..

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