Take Action to Save Family Farms

As you all know, I promote feeding all member of your family with ingredients you raise yourself or get from a local sustainable farm. This source of food is increasingly at risk. Carolina Stewardship tells us more and gives you a chance to take action to help.

Wherever you live, their newsletter is full of great info.

Tell the FDA To Keep Their Hands Off Local Food

The FDA’s proposed Food Safety Modernization Act poses real threats to sustainable agriculture.  If we want local, organic food and farming to thrive, we need to mobilize our families, friends, and neighbors and our farmers, foodmakers, and customers, to comment on these rules and tell FDA to keep its hands off local food.  The FDA must hear from us if we are going to fix these flawed and illogical rules.  We won some critical victories three years ago, and together we can do it again.”


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