4 thoughts on “Tapeworm treatment in Europe

  1. With the Schengen agreement in place how is it possible to police this??

    I travel regularly from Switzerland down to Spain crossing several borders on the way. There is no checks available now at borders although I stress that my baby boy now 12 years old is fully protected.

    An annual vaccination needs to be developed that can be given as a booster and recorded in the animal’s passport or log… It isnt practical for people who regularly cross borders for work or family commitments to be forever in and out of the vets. Our animals need to be protected and this would be the safest and most practical way.

    1. The biggest challenge is to stop annual vaccine requirements as they are so damaging to animal health. Even the Rabies vaccine gives lifetime immunity for most animals. Having titers accepted would be the best. Maybe the great folks at the yahoo groups jstsayno2vaccs will know more about this.

      I do not know how this could be policed. Maybe they hope that most people will merely follow the laws.

  2. If your dog doesn’t show any signs of worms, is it still a good idea to give a homeopathic remedy anyway just in case? I recently read an article saying dogs should be dewormed once a year. Is that true? I try to use the all natural approach with my dog whenever possible since he suffers from year round allergies. Thanks.

    1. It is never good to give any type of treatment on a regular basis. Homeopathic remedies, especially, are selected using the individual’s unique symptoms and not to be given “to cure a condition”. The goal is to improve health in general so worms are not allowed to thrive. Check the Early Warning Signs of Illness article on the site for symptoms that may indicate your dog is energetically not healthy. Rather than deworming annually, I would suggest testing the stool for worms at the clinic and occasionally looking yourself for any tape segments (look like grains of flattened rice). Your dog is lucky you are trying natural approaches because if you keep trying different ones you will be able to permanently cure the year around allergies. If you live near Maryland/DC area, come to the Bowie class in late June, or if near Maine or want a wonderful vacation (June 2,3) for homeopathy classes.

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