topical flea chemical treatments not good

Please avoid topical flea chemical treatments. We have had a bit of a discussion on the homeopathy web site because a peer admitted a very ill cat (shortly after the 2nd dose of a topical chemical). Here is one of my experiences: A few months ago  I met an incredible cat when visiting a relative in New York. He was so agile and active that he jumped the garden gate regularly to visit the beach across the street. A friend came in, wondering where he was since the beach goers were asking for him. A search found him flat out under a bench. As I began to examine him I saw an oily spot on his neck. “Oh, I just put on some flea prevention because he was itching the last few days. I only use it 2 or 3 times a year when he is itching. He has never been sick before.” I got some Dawn detergent and scrubbed the oily spot then rinsed it well. Luckily I had some Rescue Remedy with me (every person needs to have an “emergency” flower essence with them) which I rubbed on his feet, ear and down his back. I did Reiki (again, all of us would be healthier and have healthier animals if trained in Reiki, Quantum touch, Reconnective Therapy or other energetic modalities) for 5 minutes.  He stood up, shook himself, then walked over the gate. While he could not jump over the gate, he trotted across the drive to the beach with good energy.

Another peer shared about a completely healthy dog, who a few weeks after flea treatment with chemical topical developed severe autoimmune skin problems.

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