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fun Book – following atticus

Just read following atticus by Tom Ryan. What a wonderful read. This was one special, amazing dog. the breeder, Paige, is integral to the story from beginning to end. this dog never wore a collar or leash and was perfectly behaved.  I am not recommending this for every dog. This book shows how it could [...]

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New book

I am reading a new book that comes straight from the heart, and especially would encourage young people (and any age) to volunteer in shelters, even one day a month. do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart. While I am still in the "pet" section, she is also covering Backyard wildlife and farm animals. Many of [...]

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the Soul of All Living Creatures

Just read a great book from the library - only wish he had holistic options in his bag of tricks. Vint Virga is a veterinary behaviorist who has treated animals from pets to zoos and mostly focuses on the animal/person interaction from the larger picture of love of all life. We give. They give. We [...]

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Animals who know where we are

I love this book - Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by rupert sheldrake. Many of our companions know exactly where we are and other worry and do not know where we are. These are stories and even studies about those dogs who, regardless of where in the world their owners are, become alert when they take the [...]

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Learn healing modalities while you feast your eyes

Even though we are 3 months into 2013, it is well worth your time and money to purchase the second Dr. Show More calendar. for $15 you will see wonderful veterinarians (including world famous Dr. Michael Fox in the centerfold), artistically and tastefully nude,  and learn about sustainable practices for the planet, new treatments and [...]

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November was National Pet Diabetes Month. It is estimated that 45 % of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight, a leading cause of diabetes.  Feeding a raw meat diet, using holistic approaches, tracking weight in the Healthy Animal's Journal and exercising cats and dogs appropriately go a long way to managing weight. Decreasing vaccines [...]

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