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Pets can save the world

Well, really, the choices you make for your companion animals can save the world. You know many of them and have shared many with me - sustainably raised food ingredients, locally sources beds and toys, visiting the ill/infirm/aged and so many more. Here is a different slant on how your feeding choices (and maybe others [...]

Good News for Animals

  February - Rabies vaccine - New guidance from the AVMA advises that cats and dogs that are exposed to rabies and are overdue for a vaccine can have a booster shot followed by an observation period rather than be subject to quarantine or euthanasia.  Call me for how this may impact your decision about Rabies vaccination. March 2 [...]

“Yeast” skin and ear infections

A reader queried - Dr, C, I 2 yr old Schnoodle rescue has a yeast problem. He is liking and licking, pads and groin. Groin very red. Tea tree shampoo? Thanks From a conventional perspective, we think of something (yeast) causing the problem (itchy skin, redness) then look for something to "get rid of [...]

GMO Inside Campaign

Notes from the 2013 Natural Foods Expo that I attended this weekend. "GMO Inside is a campaign dedicated to helping all Americans know which foods have GMOs, as well as the non-GMO verified and organic certified alternatives to genetically engineered foods. " This is very important for your animals because we are now seeing studies showing the [...]

Learn healing modalities while you feast your eyes

Even though we are 3 months into 2013, it is well worth your time and money to purchase the second Dr. Show More calendar. for $15 you will see wonderful veterinarians (including world famous Dr. Michael Fox in the centerfold), artistically and tastefully nude,  and learn about sustainable practices for the planet, new treatments and [...]

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Dr. Dan Moore on horse health (and other species)

At the 2012 Pet Expo I met a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Dan Moore. He had been a conventional veterinarian and very skeptical of clients' interest in alternative treatments. He retired and took a class by Dr. Pitcairn which took him on a path of developing healthy products for the large number of horses he was raising. [...]

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