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“Yeast” skin and ear infections

A reader queried - Dr, C, I 2 yr old Schnoodle rescue has a yeast problem. He is liking and licking, pads and groin. Groin very red. Tea tree shampoo? Thanks From a conventional perspective, we think of something (yeast) causing the problem (itchy skin, redness) then look for something to "get rid of [...]

Safe for Pets De-icer

Most de-icers are very toxic to the environment and can damage pet paws. Read the labels for detailed descriptions and the MSDS (material safety data sheet). Most are made from salt and urea. Some groomers and vets have seen pads almost raw from their walks on these chemicals. When mixed with water they can reach 170 [...]

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Using holistic approaches for ears and bugs

Sorry, I missed this one in November. Good morning Christina,we stay in Mosselbay in SA. I'd like to ask you something? My daughter and friend going to st francisbay for the week and on te way the Yorkie of her have a very sore ear and cannot tatch the ear,the yorkie is restless,don't want to [...]

GMO Inside Campaign

Notes from the 2013 Natural Foods Expo that I attended this weekend. "GMO Inside is a campaign dedicated to helping all Americans know which foods have GMOs, as well as the non-GMO verified and organic certified alternatives to genetically engineered foods. " This is very important for your animals because we are now seeing studies showing the [...]

Dr. Dan Moore on horse health (and other species)

At the 2012 Pet Expo I met a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Dan Moore. He had been a conventional veterinarian and very skeptical of clients' interest in alternative treatments. He retired and took a class by Dr. Pitcairn which took him on a path of developing healthy products for the large number of horses he was raising. [...]

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