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Unhealthy pets indicate unhealthy people

A study in England showed a rapid decrease in fertility in over 200 dogs of five breeds - Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, curly coat retrievers, border collies and German shepherds.  Lea, et al also found an increase in cryptorchidism and a decrease in the # of males born. What does this bode for human males? What are the [...]

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why shorter lifespans?

A recent post by Dr. Becker at Mercola listed the life spans of different breeds from several studies and most are decreasing, in spite of veterinary organizations saying pets are living longer. One comment to the post spoke of their Irish Setterish dog in the 1940s living to 18 and still doing great except for [...]

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cushings dog significantly better

Dr. Michael Dym posted: Meet Licorice Johnson, an 11 year old F/S Cockapoo, who presented on September 13, 2015 with a history of chronic skin allergies, including long term visits to a veterinary dermatologist, allergy testing, allergy vaccines, etc. Licorice had recently developed signs of Cushings Disease, including excessive panting, thirst, urination and appetite, as [...]

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Smart Plants

I have always felt that plants were as smart as animals..and probably rocks, too, though that was a bit more difficult. I have just started delving into a new book that talks about plants. Reading Pam Montgomery's Plant Spirit Healing. There was a Plant Neurobiology symposium held in 2005 in Florence!! How great. Result - [...]

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