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Yeasty skin

On my facebook page I asked what people want to learn more about, what they need help with. Yesterday's post covered the basics of EVERY SINGLE disease that can affect people or animals, so read that first. Carole asked:How to remedy Yeast skin disease, in a holistic way. Having set the stage in the prior post, [...]

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“Yeast” skin and ear infections

A reader queried - Dr, C, I 2 yr old Schnoodle rescue has a yeast problem. He is liking and licking, pads and groin. Groin very red. Tea tree shampoo? Thanks From a conventional perspective, we think of something (yeast) causing the problem (itchy skin, redness) then look for something to "get rid of [...]

Hot spots

A reader asked how to prevent hot spots and prevent them if possible. Good for you to want to prevent hot spots. the best way is to maximize health by following the keys on my website,, especially the 7 keys to health. Healthy dogs just do not get hot spots.   Have on hand [...]

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