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  1. Any suggestions on feeding dog with chronic pancreatitis?
    Trying the rice with either tilapia/chicken/chicken liver/93% lean beef (I boil the beef and chicken and skim the fat off the top).
    Thank you.

    1. Yvonne, Every dog with CP has unique symptoms and needs specific holistic treatment. I am assuming you are working with a conventional veterinarian and trying to help a bit with diet. that is a good first step. More important is the need to address the quantum field with different energy therapies. You can easily be attuned in Reiki (local teachers or on-line), read books on acupressure, and if there are classes near you, take a Healing Touch for Animals class. You can also address symptoms, especially behavioral changes since the illness, with flower essences (read more) – and there are many companies for that.
      However, because this is a clue to general ill health, I would strongly recommend finding an integrative veterinarian with whom to work. This is a person trained in many different approaches, including using conventional drugs only when absolutely needed. Working with one can increase the chance that your cherished companion can live a long and healthy life after recovering, yes completely recovering from this current pancreatitis so you will not have to limit the diet. There are good ones and great ones, and a few homeopathic veterinarians will consult by phone or email. You can go to the web sites for each type of holistic practice and use their referral list to find one near to you. Many practitioners are members of only one or two of the organizations, so you do need to go to every site to find who is near you:
      1. Wide range of other treatments: http://www.AHVMA.org, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and http://www.civtedu.org.
      2. Homeopathic veterinarians (these can often help you by phone if no other holistic practitioners are nearby that you like): http://www.theAVH.org and http://www.DrPitcairn.com.
      3. Chiropractic and Osteopathic – http://www.animalchiropractic.org; http://equineosteopathy.org/ (they treat dogs, too)
      4. TCVM (Acupuncture and Chinese medicine): http://www.IVAS.org, http://www.aava.org & http://www.TCVM.com
      5. Herbal – http://www.VBMA.org

      To find a great one, read my article.

      Now for the diet question you asked me. Feeding the basic raw meaty bone and pureed vegetable diet is the best way to boost the immune system to help healing. Good books to read on this would help you. Dr. Pitcairn recommends decreasing the amount of fatty meats as you are already doing. they are best raw. Rice and other high carb grains can cause inflammation so I would avoid these. I would avoid butter or vegetables oils although you should use vitamin A and E capsules. E prevents scarring of the pancreas. I would also be using digestive enzymes and probiotics (I like Mitomax).

      Again, most importantly – begin to work with an integrative vet.

      Now, if all this seemed too confusing, I will be starting pet health coaching in July, so you can call or email me after July 10 to schedule an appointment. What you will get from the consult:
      1. An understanding of how animals become ill and recover (cure, palliation, suppression), learning that having skin issues is actually a positive sign.
      2. Evaluation and discussion of you and your pet’s current health, lifestyle, including diet, vaccines, chemicals (flea, tick, heartworm), smart meters, past symptoms, early warning signs and more.
      3. Discussion of what healing modalities you can learn to use yourself that are 100% safe and often very effective.
      4. Given your pet’s specific symptoms, what type of veterinary care would be the best, how much improvement could you expect and which self healing methods would help the most.
      5. How to best work with a holistic veterinarian and how to tell if the veterinarian you have chosen is truly healing or merely helping a bit.
      6. Matching you up with the holistic veterinarian who best suits you, with a few back ups if the first does not work (and free future suggestions of veterinarians, if needed).
      7. Answering your questions.

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