Weeds are healthy to eat

Healthy dogs. Healthy cats. Healthy people.  We all want this.

We talk about nutrition here a lot (click on comment to add your 4 paws) because that is one key to health. Holistic farmers plant “weeds” along the fences and holistic cooks add weeds from the non-sprayed yard to the meals for all species living in your home.

Here are the nutritional benefits of a few “weeds”.  (per 100 gms)

Nettle leaves: calories-65, Protein-5.5 gr, Fat-.7 gr, Calcium –,Phosphorus — Iron –, Sodium –, Potassium –, Vit A-6,500 IU., Thiamine –, Riboflavin –, Niacin –, Vit C-76 mg.

Triple boiled and rinsed (each time) poke shoots (early spring) – calories-20, Protein- 2.3 gr, Fat-.4 gr, Calcium-53 mg, Phosphorus-33 mg, Iron-1.2 mg, Sodium –, Potassium –, Vit. A – 8,700 IU., Thiamine – . 07mg, Riboflavin-.25 mg, Niacin-1.1 mg, Vit C – 82 mg,

Raw Purslane stems and leaves (tastes good cooked, too): calories –, Protein-21 gr, Fat- 1.7 gr, Calcium-.4 mg, Phosphorus 103 mg, Iron-39 mg, Sodium-3.5 mg, Potassium –, Vit A –, Thiamine 2,500 mg, Riboflavin-.03 mg, Niacin-.1 mg, Vit C-.5 mg,

More on weeds later.

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