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 I am so blessed to have wonderful clients such as yourself who are looking beyond the quick cure to real health. Holistic approaches, and especially Homeopathy are such powerful systems of medicine that health and happiness can come to these most deserving companions on our beautiful planet. Here’s Ed helping me.

June 2015 I ceased being “the homeopathic vet” and became a Pet Health Coach. What you will get from the individually matched Pet Health Consult and continued Pet and Family Health Coaching:

  1. Understand how your cherished animals become ill and recover (cure, palliation, suppression), learning that having skin issues is actually a positive sign.
  2. Evaluation and discussion of you and your pet’s current health, lifestyle, including diet, vaccines, chemicals (flea, tick, heartworm), smart meters, past symptoms, early warning signs and more.
  3. Discussion of what healing modalities you can learn to use yourself that are 100% safe and often very effective.
  4. Given your pet’s specific symptoms, what type of veterinary care would be the best, how much improvement could you expect and which self healing methods would help the most.
  5. How to best work with a holistic veterinarian and how to tell if the veterinarian you have chosen is truly healing or merely helping a bit.
  6. Matching you up with the holistic veterinarian who best suits you, with a few back ups if the first does not work (and free future suggestions of veterinarians, if needed).
  7. Answering your questions.
  8. Continuing to support you in your family’s journey of health.

If you would like to schedule this, please call 410-771-4968 or email

Fees: $150 per hour, prorated by the minute.

The first 5 minutes are FREE, so you can see if this would be valuable for you.

“Thank you once again for all your help. You have once again been a voice of reason I needed to get me back on track. I appreciate every minute of wisdom.” Teri B

OVERVIEW of the holistic approach

As you may learn during your coaching session, using homeopathy and natural healing methods may be different than what you have been doing for your pet, so please read the following information. After your coaching call, call me whenever you feel stuck or that your health care team is not making the progress you wish.  My answering machine is my secretary. If you have not heard from me when you expected, call me again and send an email if possible.

1. What you observe about your pet is essential, regardless of the modality of treatment you are using. General observations, including behavior and personality, about your pet are as important as the “sick” symptoms. If she is feeling happier and more active or centered, your choices are helping her heal, even if the itching persists. Keeping a journal on each pet helps your memory. You can order a beautiful, easy one in print or as an ebook (dog only so far).  I strongly encourage every pet to have their own journal. You can also purchase it through the web, at some pet stores, mail a check to me or pick it up at my home if you are local.

2. Do your best to not give any medicines not prescribed by your integrative veterinarian without checking with them first (pepsid, laxatone, panalog, neosporin, etc). Drugs can interfere with the healing response (especially steroids and cyclosporins). Usually fine are any flower essence remedies, homeopathic ointments, herbs and vitamins. Reiki (or other pure energy methods), especially daily, always helps the healing process.

3. Vaccinations in general may lower your pet’s general health, so do not vaccinate until we have talked. Read more  in the free vaccine article or buy the Vaccine Report. Almost any veterinarian or kennel will waive the vaccinations if you offer to sign a release. Rabies vaccination is the exception.  Although it may also be detrimental and is good for life, legally you must give it. Call me before you give the rabies vaccine so it can be given at the best time and the deleterious effects can be minimized.  Learn Reiki (check with local health food stores or centers for classes) to help neutralize it.

4. What our animals eat is very important. Read more in the free diet article or buy the Nutrition Report.  Most commercial foods really are not adequate, for animals need the same high quality fresh food we eat.

5. Before your first appointment with your integrative vet it would be useful to fill out the timeline sheet in the Healthy Animal’s Journal, or create one on your own. List every ailment, everything that could have impacted them (a move, new job, new baby, new animals in the house…), when vaccines or drugs were given and anything that makes them feel better or worse.  Go through the early warning signs of illness and record any that are present now, or have been in the past.

6. You and your family are really the key to your pet’s health, both by thinking healthy, good thoughts around your pet and by accurate reporting.


MY GOAL in coaching you is that your cherished companion(s) will have the current problem disappear

AND to have fewer, if any future problems occur

AND to see increased energy, vitality and be better to live with ‑ that is a CURE.

“It was good discussing our issues with Maggie. You gave us a lot to investigate. Thanks” tom and Barb D.

“We have had a remarkable turn around. B. is much better. Thanks for your loving guidance and support.” E. Eisenberg


First Aid remedies to have on hand
Some useful first aid remedies to have on hand:

  1. Hypericum lotion, gel, salve or tincture: good for wounds, hemorrhages, ear flushing, itchiness.
  2. Calendula: same, but not for deep wounds. Good for open wounds. Internally for infections. Ointments are not as good on cats, water dilutions better.
  3. Rescue remedy(Bach) or other companies’ animal emergency trauma solution : Put 4 drops of extract in 1 oz of spring water in a dropper bottle.  Give about a dropperful of the dilution for nervousness, pain, anxiety, itching. Great for shock and  emotional or physical trauma.
  4. Arnica homeopathic medicine for any blunt traumas.
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