First aid remedies to have on hand

First Aid remedies to have on hand
Some useful remedies to have on hand:

  1. Hypericum lotion, gel, salve or tincture: good for wounds, hemorrhages, ear flushing, itchiness.
  2. Calendula: same, but not for deep wounds. Good for open wounds. Internally for infections. Ointments are not as good on cats, water dilutions better.
  3. Rescue remedy(Bach) or other companies’ animal emergency trauma solution : Put 4 drops of extract in 1 oz of spring water in a dropper bottle.  Give about a dropperful of the dilution for nervousness, pain, anxiety, itching. Great for shock and  emotional or physical trauma. The dilution or cream is good on wounds, for skin problems, even itchiness. Put one drop in a separate bowl of water so they can use it free choice. You can never harm with flower essences.
  4. Arnica: injuries, trauma.
  5.  Aconite: fears, sudden illnesses.
  6.  Buying a “kit” of 10 to 40 remedies is useful so you have remedies on hand (Luyties 800-Homeopathy has kits with remedies I selected; also Klemmer-505-982-4071;WashHomeopathic 800-336-1695; other places).  Any remedies are great for people, too, and keep for centuries.

3 thoughts on “First aid remedies to have on hand

  1. Dear Dr Chambreau ,

    I write you from France , where I live now ;I m French ,I M Reiki healer for animals and Animal Communicator trained in UK . My questions is about my lovely cat Neo , 12 years old .For several years NEO gets 5 little stones in his galblader . His veterinarian, recently has checked this aera with an echography and told me Neo needs a surgery to remove the stones. My question is : is there another possibility to remove the stones ; He s an healthy Senior cat, but over weight . We have confidence in the French Vet here where i live ,it s just if NEO can avoid the anasthetic ,the pain, the stress will be better ? I will be very happy if you can guide me around things we can do either is to help Neo s surgery with homeopathic care and bach flower or if homeopathic care will help the stones to be resolved and pass in urinary tract is it a possible option? what do you think ? I give thanks for the time you take to read my question and in advance for your reply .
    I had your détails in the book ” The Holistic Animal Handbook by Kate Solisti-Mattelon and Patrice Mattelon.

    Best Regards

    Claire Cieslik

    1. Dear Claire, I am so glad you are a Reiki healer. That should be sufficient to keep yourself and your animals healthy. I recommend doing a Reiki session every morning, offering it to all living beings in your home. Your cat may stay where he is, or come closer, or leave – just continue to offer for 20 mins or so. Good self treatment, too.

      Use your animal communication skills (or ask a friend if you are too close) to discover which modalities would be the best (including surgery) for Neo. Start with stating your intent. Then “Is Reiki needed to heal Neo?” if yes, ask “if I do reiki is anything else needed?” If no, then just do Reiki. If yes, keep asking until you get a no, nothing else is needed. then go back over the whole list and ask if all are still needed. Sometimes just energetically calling them forth gave the healing. Then you can ask about which practitioner, or which herb/homeopathic, etc if you are familiar with them.

      He is not healthy if he had stones in his gallbladder for several years, is overweight. I know you have “confidence” in your local vet, but they are merely conventionally trained, so really can only offer surgery and drugs. I strongly suggest that you, and everyone living with animals, be working from day one (not merely when ill) with vets well trained in one or more holistic modalities who is thinking from the holistic paradigm.

      There are good homeopathic, osteopathic, TCVM and chiropractic vets in Europe, some of whom will consult by phone, and ones in the US can also consult by email or skype. don Hamilton (author of Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs) may be good for you.
      1. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine:, &
      2. Homeopathic veterinarians (these can often help you by phone if no other holistic practitioners are nearby that you like):,, and
      3. Chiropractor –
      4. Wide range of other treatments:,,
      5. Osteopathy –

      Read how to select and work with holistic vets..

      I can do a skype call as I am now doing pet health coaching, if you need more guidance.

  2. Dear Dr Chambreau ,

    Many thanks for your replies. Briefly, Neo told me he s in need of emotional and physical support before surgery( if it still needed) and for that he needs homeopathic remedies , Bach Flowers remedies , crystals( I ve already gave crystals healings to him and he enjoyed it very much and Reiki too ) . I ll see a holistic veterinarian trained in Belgium and ask for advice and treatment for his global health and changes in his nutrition with the vet s advice .The way you suggest me to work with Neo is my way in working with animals… The morning reiki session for all of us is an excellent idea and website very useful . We could have done more ! I keep your détails and yes i won t hesitate to reach you for guidance from Skype . Thank you again . Claire Cieslik

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