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///First aid remedies to have on hand
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First Aid remedies to have on hand
Some useful remedies to have on hand:

  1. Hypericum lotion, gel, salve or tincture: good for wounds, hemorrhages, ear flushing, itchiness.
  2. Calendula: same, but not for deep wounds. Good for open wounds. Internally for infections. Ointments are not as good on cats, water dilutions better.
  3. Rescue remedy(Bach) or other companies’ animal emergency trauma solution : Put 4 drops of extract in 1 oz of spring water in a dropper bottle.  Give about a dropperful of the dilution for nervousness, pain, anxiety, itching. Great for shock and  emotional or physical trauma. The dilution or cream is good on wounds, for skin problems, even itchiness. Put one drop in a separate bowl of water so they can use it free choice. You can never harm with flower essences.
  4. Arnica: injuries, trauma.
  5.  Aconite: fears, sudden illnesses.
  6.  Buying a “kit” of 10 to 40 remedies is useful so you have remedies on hand (Luyties 800-Homeopathy has kits with remedies I selected; also Klemmer-505-982-4071;WashHomeopathic 800-336-1695; other places).  Any remedies are great for people, too, and keep for centuries.

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